Pedimos una nueva edición de la RisingCon (convención de Supernatural) en España.

Ante el iminente y posible final de la serie de la CW con su temporada 10, a los fans españoles que no pudimos asistir a la convención realizada en 2011 (y los que pudieron también) nos gustaría asistir a una…



We ordered a new edition of the RisingCon Convention (Supernatural) in Spain.

Before the iminente and possible series finale of CW season-10 to Spanish fans who could not attend the convention in 2011 (and those who might as well) we would like to attend a new edition of the convention….

One human : Dean Winchester


I know this is not about Cara, but I am a Supernatural fan too, and I would like that other fans of the show can enjoy with my first fan video of it :)


This video contains material from season 4 - 9 of the television series Supernatural.

The information about the song and about the program I’ve used appears at the end of the video.

This is the first video I’ve made that I upload to Youtube, so I hope you like it :)